Gutters capture roof runoff and help direct it away from the foundations of your house. Regular gutter maintenance can help you avoid costly issues down the road.

Trust Apex for Your Gutter Replacement Needs

Apex manufactures continuous, seamless gutters on location to exact lengths. Made out of aluminum, our gutters will not rust. They are produced at the job site to your specifications. Prior to replacing your gutters, you first want to be confident it really needs to be done. On occasion, homeowners are misled by leaks or overflowing gutters into believing that they need to be replaced. Yet all your gutter system may need is a gutter cleaning and or some minor repairs.

If you gutters are rusted, heavily dented or there are associated issues such as rotten facia boards behind the gutters, it may indeed be time to have them replaced.

The Problem

In a heavy rain, an astonishing quantity of water descends on your house. When all goes well the water flows smoothly off the roof and into the gutters, where it is funneled into the downspouts and drains away from your house.

When things don’t go so well, water backs up in the gutters and overflows before it can drain. Water pooling around the foundations can cause soil erosion, rotted siding, a breeding ground for mold and insects, and cause a host of other problems.

The Apex Solution

We help you maintain your downspouts to optimize your gutters’ efficiency. Gutters must be cleaned at least once a year, but once in spring and fall is even better. Most problematic articles are obvious debris: leaves, twigs and the occasional bird’s nest.

We can also install a gutter protection system to allow water but not debris to pass through.

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